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Arts and me

Arts and me
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

First trip in Belgium


This was my first trip to Belgium and its unexpected because the first time I applied in the embassy i was denied but suddenly before my ticket got expired, i had a call from the embassy that my visa was approved and it was almost a year after i applied for a visa and i went to belgium on july 2010 , it was summer and great .
I have met the De Decker Family including the Bonnemaman ( Lola) I brought her my painting with the late Bompa in it . It was a bit emotional with her and Papa when I gave it to her but she was really happy with it. I also met some of Kris' cousins and relatives . That time also , Mama Mia and Papa Emile is still working so they are alternately bringing me to the places i want to go to like the best place ive been to " De Wieuw " a place where you can buy all the art materials you needed you can see it in one of the photos that i posted . We also went to the historical places like where you can find the painting of Reubens , the Cathedral where I was dreaming to go and the famous dog of Flanders, as i can still remember Nelo , he is the main character, the boy and the friend of Patrash , its a tv cartoon series that im always watching when i was young and i told myself that one day i will see thats church too , well i am so happy that mama mia brought me there and after that , we looked for a restaurant and we found PASTA and ofcourse we ate pasta with a big big plate, lol.
Me and Mama also went to the famous "Atomium " the first time i saw it was in Mel and Joey during their anniversary special and ofcourse , my Idol is Joey de Leon so I am watching that show. So , I told mama , I want to visit that place, then it was really amazing , its wonderful , unbelievable and amzing that people can really make a real building like that , you can see the belgium inside that atom. Take note , theres also a restaurant inside the atoms. After there, we went to the mini europe where you can see a lot of things and ofcourse the miniture of the best of europe well you have to see it by yourself. Me and Papa also went to a Glass exhibit i forgot where it is exactly was but its also amazing , once in a lifetime experience and i really treasuring it and unforgettable for me that i saw that exhibit, looks real and rare.
Before i go back to the Philippines , Papa brought me to Leonida's Belgian chocolate store . I was able to see many kinds of Belgian Chocolates , a lot of them , a lot of shapes and styles with different tastes. right now , im getting hungry when I remember that .
Still a lot of stories but I dont remember all coz now its a year ago that im writting it. Anyway I am now in Belgium and soon I will write another beautiful story about my 2nd vacation in Belgium. Bye for now

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